Monday, April 13, 2009

End of March Partying

Well my birthday was March 25th. It was a good day :) and I got all kinds of great stuff. The weekend after my bday I went to someone else's bday party :) on their beautiful property. Elijah had a blast! I only got a few pics. First there was a pond to throw rocks and pine cones into... And little brim to watch swim and eat. Then there was the mud puddle and as you can see, it was great fun. And a giant mess!!! Elijah got mud literally all over, head to toe, as you see on his shirt :)
All the big boys were playing in the barn skating the mini-ramp and box. Elijah has been somewhat obsessed with skateboards for quite awhile so he had to get in on the action! The last picture is one of Elijah with his friend Steve helping him skate across the barn. He had a great time!!

Friday, April 10, 2009

We have a winner

Well with a little help (thanks Kathi!) I have finally been able to get to the comments and find the winner of the vintage patterns! Finally. Finally! I used to pick the winner and it was #2 Amy-sugarmuffin! I will be contacting you Amy for your contact info! Congratulations!