Thursday, November 27, 2008

I'm a winner (& soap & thanksgiving)

Well I freakin won something. I never ever win stuff but I did and it's awesome! I'm a Twilight saga freak and even before the movie came out I saw all these pics from the movie and being a crocheting and knitting madwoman I became obsessed with a pair of mittens. Bella's mittens. I mean I didn't pay much attention to the movie when she was wearing them- I just strained to see details lol. So I was excited to see that folks were trying to decifer the pattern :) and one lovely lady is selling patterns for her version. Cheap too! BUT she had a contest to give away 3 copies and somehow I won. Badass? Yes. Yes it is. Check them out and if you knit and like the mittens then snag yourself a pattern for a great price!
So today was thanksgiving and Brandon's parents drove down and took us to eat at the beach. Then we stopped by the public beach momentarily. It was warm and gorgeous out so I couldn't just drive away :) I really wanted to stay and lounge in the sun... But had to go to my aunt's house... And she had pie so all was well :) lol
And last but not least there is a photo above of my lovely soap sweaters. They are Christmas gifts. The one in the front is a random soap I had on hand but the others are special :) they were made by the lovely Libby and I swear I want to eat her soaps! Do yourself a favor and get yourself some! they are awesome!

Monday, November 24, 2008

i can't drive my blog very well. i tried to put pics on and type it all up and make it pretty but it ignores me. i looked crappy and wasn't doing what it was supposed to but oh well.

so the new dreadband and cozies are up on etsy =) the new pics that i took with my real camera are better than the yucky cell pics. i have too much hair for the dreadband so i could only get a pic of it as a cowl or neckwarm, but you get the idea. i'm really terrible at writing descriptions but i guess i do a semi-ok job.

i also took a few pics of of the fiber i have been playing with... the hemp and recycled sari silk that i'm spinning on drop spindle. it was impossible to get the colors right but you get the idea right? its going to be really pretty so far i only have a few yards because i have a ton of projects going on. knitting: fingerless mitts, soap sweaters, etc crochet: soap sweaters, a pretty sparkly white dread band for the winter holidays, etc. there are just too many to list! i hope to have the soaps all knitted and crocheted up in the next day or two and i'll get a pic of all those. they are pretty neat.

ok well i'm pretty exhausted and my child is runnin wild. i should go tame the wild beast =) more from me soon!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

This blog has been overthrown

Yes, this is Chuck Norris, and I have given a big roundhouse kick to that dreadlocked woman, and taken her firstborn son to train so in the event I ever die (which is unlikely) he can take my place (evil laugh) All the world will fear Elijah, and his new last name WILL be Norris. So sayeth the Chuck...

Remember, When Chuck Norris does pushups, he is not pushing himself UP, he is pushing the earth DOWN.All Hail Chuck!

Friday, November 21, 2008

A few FOs

The dreadband is done! I think it's gorgeous. It is made entirely of merino wool that I handspun on my drop spindle. I will get a pic of it soon on my head so I can put it in my etsy shop... If I'm able to part with it. I put sooo many hours of work into it!! Of course the sun wasn't out for my pics.

I also felted up 2 of my beer/soda can cozies. I crochet them then I hand wet felt them... No washing machine felting for these bad babies :) the pic is sideways because I'm sending from my phone and I haven't figured out a way to turn them! More bottle and can cozies coming soon. These too will be added at etsy.

And then there is the proverbial cute Elijah picture thrown in for extra fun. He was having fun at the laundry mat yesterday :)

The hemp and recycled sari silk yarn I started spinning yesterday is really pretty :) I'm excited about and will give y'all a sneak peek of that soon! :)

Whatcha think?

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

More yarn love

So the yarn is off the hulahoop and all dry and skeined up :) the pics aren't the best since my phone takes not so great pics. The colors are close but not exactly right but you get the idea :)
Today I have to finish the dreadband and make more soap sweaters for xmas. The pattern for the soap sweaters can be found here it is not my pattern but a goodun. I am going to make an alternate crochet version for all the crocheters out there. When I get the pattern written up I will put it here on my blog :)
My next spinning project is possibly recycled sari silk and hemp. We shall see how that goes and I guess it may need some wool or alpaca to go along with it. I'm hoping I can do it with the sari silk and hemp fiber but it may be too difficult for my liking!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Use # 372 for a hulahoop

Drying rack for handspun yarn after you set the twist. The earthy yarn is some gorgeous merino that I spun to finish a dreadband I'm crocheting for my etsy shop.

And I swear that orange guy looks "ribbed for her pleasure" and that freaks me out! And now I have "there's a party in my tummy! So yummy! So yummy!" stuck in my head. Doh!

Elijah goes in for the kill

Bananas are good.

Monday, November 17, 2008

I'm really bad at blogging. I don't have internet access on my home computer so I do this all from my blackberry. Its a pain. I will try to get computer time now and then so I can update better :)