Saturday, February 27, 2010

Fun friday (and thursday too)

Elijah and i did lots of fun things thursday and friday... Which means there was nothing else accomplished. No cleaning or hemming or really anything! The cats got fed and that was about all! It was like a stressful minivacation =) but at least Elijah had fun. Thursday we went to the childrens park in Orange Beach where Elijah played and made new friends. Then we went to Morrie's and walked around the pond. Elijah learned to bowl on the wii (1st pic). He got a strike his first try =) and bowled a 124 his first game. Lucky kid. On friday we fished in the pond. I caught 2 little bass and E was thrilled. Of course we threw 'em back. In the evening we went to the new restaurant in west beach where E's dad works. It was their grand opening so they had free food! We ate outside. E is quite silly and wanted his picture taken with the salt then later on the pepper (bottom pic). He's a bit strange =) fun fun fun. Now can you tell im blogging to procrastinate a little longer?

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Yesterday was pretty

It was sunny and 60something. A pretty day and it felt great outside. I didnt get to go hiking like i wanted. I got stuck in traffic and had to turn around and go the long long way. I tried to fish but the dog at the pond is neurotic and barks at thr fishing pole, lure, reflections, etc. But it was nice and i got to walk around the pond with my cute boyfriend =)

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Lots to catch up on

First i wanna say that the top picture is of some wool soakers that i have up for trade or purchase =) i made all of them but the 2 in bottom right hand corner. They are all used but in great shape! Leave a comment with your email if you are interested. They are all different sizes! Well i havent kept up with my blog and that is mostly because i went through some quite painful stuff i didnt feel like writing about. Some of it involves another person whos dirty laundry i'm not at liberty to air out here so i won't. Otherwise, my father died in August and it sucks. It sucks a lot and i honestly dont wanna talk about it. Not trying to sound antisocial though! I'll go through just a brief catchup! Elijah was a monkey for halloween =) a very cute monkey. I made my very first dreamcatcher (for someone special) right before xmas. I think it turned out well! There is a dragonfly in the middle with some turquiose beads. The webbing is hemp beading twine. The outter hoop is made of vines from my back yard that i cut down and wound together =) the yarny bits are crocheted from some of my handspun merino wool. The last picture is a mayan calendar that i screenprinted on the back of a shirt. I exposed the screen a couple months ago. Now that im kinda semi caught up hopefully i can keep up with my blog!!
Right now i'm waiting to hear about a job where i interviewed yesterday. Wish me luck!