Saturday, December 7, 2013

This week

This week was pretty fun :) we went on a field trip to the Saenger Theater in Mobile
to see A Christmas Carol on Thursday. Sorry for my lack of photos... 
On Friday we made Cinnamon dough ornaments. They smell amazing! Just two ingredients... Cinnamon and apple sauce! I followed this recipe
I saw several that said to add glue but I really didn't want to so I opted to use one  that did not call for glue.
It takes awhile for these suckers to dry. I have them in the oven now on super low drying them a bit more. The entire house smells great :) Once the cinnamon dough dries a bit more, we will cut ribbon and makes a few into ornaments and string the rest into a garland. 
Elijah started decorating grandma's tree last night too :) 
Obviously it wasn't cold here yesterday. Today it's chilly! Up next we will make a pomme!