Saturday, February 27, 2010

Fun friday (and thursday too)

Elijah and i did lots of fun things thursday and friday... Which means there was nothing else accomplished. No cleaning or hemming or really anything! The cats got fed and that was about all! It was like a stressful minivacation =) but at least Elijah had fun. Thursday we went to the childrens park in Orange Beach where Elijah played and made new friends. Then we went to Morrie's and walked around the pond. Elijah learned to bowl on the wii (1st pic). He got a strike his first try =) and bowled a 124 his first game. Lucky kid. On friday we fished in the pond. I caught 2 little bass and E was thrilled. Of course we threw 'em back. In the evening we went to the new restaurant in west beach where E's dad works. It was their grand opening so they had free food! We ate outside. E is quite silly and wanted his picture taken with the salt then later on the pepper (bottom pic). He's a bit strange =) fun fun fun. Now can you tell im blogging to procrastinate a little longer?

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