Tuesday, January 11, 2011

spinning wheel pics

My aunt Ramona got me a spinning wheel for christmas. Since i've always used a drop spindle i really dont know all that much about spinning wheels. i have some really bad picstures i am posting. Its night time and so i went in the hallway and took pics with my cell phone because it was actually one of the best places for the light. not much room, not great lighting, and the fact that they are taken with the phone make them blurry and icky but you will get an idea. i need help figuring out what is missing and where to get the parts. i know it is missing the drive band or whatever you call it. there is also a hole (that you will see in the pics) that appears to have a purpose and i figue it is the keep the wheel on the body. with the pedally thingy (i hope you speak Lacyese because i have my own language)connected to the body and wheel i know it should pedal ... and it does but it hits the ground and wont continue to spin the wheel. i figure if all else fails i can jack it up with bricks/books or something lol. it doesnt have to be pretty i just want it to work.

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Joy said...

ok, so the mother of all is on sideways (from what I can tell). Other than that I'm not sure yet.