Friday, February 6, 2009

New dreadband and headform

Introducing the new headform :) thanks to my aunt Ramona. I'm scheming away now at how I'm going to make it have dreads I have a few woolen dreads or it made and workin on more. The dreadband will be listed in my etsy shop soonish I home. It is made from some lovely antique rose colored yarn that is a nice pima cotton/ merino wool blend.
And of course then there is Elijah.


Kreated by Kelly said...

Yay!!! A head form!! Woo Hoo!! congrats!! The dread band is very pretty!!!

And you already know that I think Elijah is the cutest little guy *smiles*

Lana said...

YAY!! Now all you have to do if get a dreaded wig to stick on there. LOL.. well ... you dont' have to.. *grin*

Auroras_Garden said...

Your headform is dead sexy LOL

Elijah is cute as a button, and I NEEED that dreadband!

Cant you post measurements?? Will it fit my head?? If it fits you it will fit me. Let me know! And let me know how much too! You may end up selling it before you can get it on etsy if the damn government will send me my damn tax refund LOL

Andrea said...

Love thedread band mama! and yay for a new headform, she looks justlike sinead o conner lol... :O) Elijah is cute as always :O) Hope all is well!