Friday, January 30, 2009


I've tried to write this blog about 5 times and my phone keeps deleting it. Horrible. So I'm trying again.
I've been dyeing a bit of fiber lately. Still haven't handpainted any but I really hope to get to that tonight. The first picture is mr holding a big ol ball of corriedale cross wool roving that weighs a little less than a pound. I love wool :) all of the little bundles are the same kind of wool off of this big blob. I didn't want to dye the roving evenly but rather have a few shades present throughout. The blues bundle will be up on my etsy shop sometime in the near future as a PIF so keep an eye out! I just revived my new pink dye and tried it out on just over an ounce of wool which will be for sale in my shop when I get better pics. The last dyed roving is one ounce also and unfortunately a terrible picture. It is actually really pretty with darker purple and a few colors down to purples more on the pink side. It reminds me African violets so I suppose that will be its name when it arrives in my shop!
There are of course 3 pics of Elijah. Of course of course. He played the electric bass for the first time about a week ago. It was a hit and he had loads of fun! He really enjoyed modeling the chemo cap I knitted for a friend of my aunt. He ran around screaming "I'm a clown!" and it was difficult to get a picture. Funfur is a bitch to knit at first and after the first few rows it gets much better... Unless you make a mistake and then it is almost impossible to see what is going on. It was fun though. The pattern is The 'No Hair Day' Hairy Chemo Cap and is really easy. The last Elijah picture is just simply Elijah with his hair up playing on the kitchen floor. I thought it looked cute.
I also acquired a cute little headform thanks to my aunt and will be putting it to use soon. I have some pics of her but that will have to wait 'til next time. I've been slowly making some dreads for her though I have no idea how or if they will be attached. She came from Pensacola Junior College so there is a big PJC sharpie mark on her neck. I'm going to sit down sometime and make it look like a tattoo or find someone else who can.
Its been chilly here some days and down right warm/almost got on others. Hope you are all warm and cozy one way or another where you are!

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Kreated by Kelly said...

The roving is gorgeous and what a cute hat!!!! Elijah is such a cutie pie!! He just gets cuter and cuter *smiles*