Monday, March 1, 2010

Waiting for Warmth

We have had a few springish days sprinkled in with the cold ones. I just want the chilly winds to calm down a bit! I guess i shouldn't try to speed up spring since i still havent hemmed the 2 pairs of corduroy pants i made for Elijah... or put in the waistbands! You can't see the well in the picture since the latter part of today has been overcast. So please leave me a comment urging me to sew. It really does help with my motivation!
Well at least i accomplished *something* lately. A few days ago i finished a pretty coffee mug cozy =) that i will one day soon add to my etsy shop. If only the laptop fairy would come visit and bring the internet access fairy along with her! In the meantime, the daffodils & tulip trees are blooming. The temperatures may be dropping again, but the pretty flowers are telling me spring will be here soon. Until then Elijah & I will be pigheaded running barefoot on the beach with many layers of clothes =) =) =)


FairyLover said...

Sew. You must sew. You don't have any choice but to sew. Elijah needs those pants now before spring actually comes.

I think that will be forever though. We have 20 inches of snow to melt before then.

Jen said...

Hem those pants mama! If you hem yours, I'll break out my machine and hem my son's pants as