Friday, January 9, 2009


I'm slow but that's ok.

I did a trade with Danielle of Pixy Patch for the super sweet legwarmers. I *LOVE* them :) and was wearing them everyday until it decided to be summer here in south Alabama. Now its a bit too hot.

Then I got a Random Act of Kindness (RAOK) from the lovely Libby & She knows I want to eat her soap...specifically the warm vanilla sugar. Now she's taunting me. She sent me some of her homemade warm vanilla sugar laundry soap. And if that wasn't bad enough she is trying to make my son a soap eater too. That pink swirly bar up there is bubble gum soap for Elijah :) yum! Thanks Libby!!!!

Minde has been a bit addicted to felting lately. She sent me a (not so random) act of kindness since I was whining about not getting to keep any of the yummy soap from Libby that I used to knit and crochet lil sweaters onto for Xmas. She sent me a patchouli soap (made by Libby) that she felted with alpaca :) so soft and so good smelling :)

And of course no post would be complete without the obligatory cute Elijah picture!


Bobbie said...

Random acts of kindness make this world complete.

Southern Conspiracy said...
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Auroras_Garden said...

Thanks so much for the love Lacy!

I agree with the last poster RAOK's make the world go round!

Oh and thanks for the cute Elijah pic. I got my dose of Elijah for today YAY!