Thursday, January 8, 2009

To pita or not to pita

I really don't have any new pics BUT I do have 2 full photos of rare and elusive Lacy. That's me in my back yard modeling the sparkly dreadband I made that miraculously sold on etsy a few hours after I listed it. The second one is me midsentence...and looks like I should be holding a pear or something.
Photos out of the way, I'm debating whether or not to make pita bread this afternoon. I know I need to make regular bread in the machine. I've wanted to make pita bread for 10 yrs... Literally. I have a few recipes so I may tackle one later. Or garlic herb monkey bread :)
I'm pondering my bread path as I dye a little corriedale wool roving and a little yarn to get a feel for this violet color :) it's pretty as can be! I'm going to try to hand paint a small piece of roving later this week though it seems a daunting task! I'm hoping all will go well because I really love playing with color and of course wool. We will see how it goes... If I'm brave!
Any pita bakers out there?


Auroras_Garden said...

I dont bake pita bread but I do dye wool...use kool aid lacy...use the kool aid, the force is strong with the kool aid LOL. I like the pics of you. your so pretty Lacy, if I was gay or a dude I would make you my hippie wife ROFLMAO! we could bake bread and dye wool happily ever after LOL

Hug Elijah for me!

Anonymous said...

I've dabbled in pita bread territory...easy peasy! Homemade is, like just about everything, far superior to what you get in the store. The more simple the recipe the better, and the hotter the oven the better too. Holler if you have any questions! Julie

Turtle Mama said...

I just have to say that your dreads are awesome!! I cannot wait until mine are lookin' like yours. Very cool...