Wednesday, November 19, 2008

More yarn love

So the yarn is off the hulahoop and all dry and skeined up :) the pics aren't the best since my phone takes not so great pics. The colors are close but not exactly right but you get the idea :)
Today I have to finish the dreadband and make more soap sweaters for xmas. The pattern for the soap sweaters can be found here it is not my pattern but a goodun. I am going to make an alternate crochet version for all the crocheters out there. When I get the pattern written up I will put it here on my blog :)
My next spinning project is possibly recycled sari silk and hemp. We shall see how that goes and I guess it may need some wool or alpaca to go along with it. I'm hoping I can do it with the sari silk and hemp fiber but it may be too difficult for my liking!


Sweet Jessica. said...

Oh those colors are beautiful. I love them. Good luck with that next project, I am interested in seeing how that goes, spinning is something i've never tried.

Blisskitty said...

Aren't they? I love those colors too :) I hope to actually sell the dreadband but I'm not sure I'll be able. I'm doubting I can give it up :)