Friday, November 21, 2008

A few FOs

The dreadband is done! I think it's gorgeous. It is made entirely of merino wool that I handspun on my drop spindle. I will get a pic of it soon on my head so I can put it in my etsy shop... If I'm able to part with it. I put sooo many hours of work into it!! Of course the sun wasn't out for my pics.

I also felted up 2 of my beer/soda can cozies. I crochet them then I hand wet felt them... No washing machine felting for these bad babies :) the pic is sideways because I'm sending from my phone and I haven't figured out a way to turn them! More bottle and can cozies coming soon. These too will be added at etsy.

And then there is the proverbial cute Elijah picture thrown in for extra fun. He was having fun at the laundry mat yesterday :)

The hemp and recycled sari silk yarn I started spinning yesterday is really pretty :) I'm excited about and will give y'all a sneak peek of that soon! :)

Whatcha think?


Danielle said...

it all looks great mama!!

Auroras_Garden said...

Are you gonna put that long haired Elijah in your shop? Can you put him on hold for me till i can get some money saved up? He sure is mighty cute, I think I could find a place for him here. So stuff him in a flat rate box with his bag of cheetos and send him to Ky. Oh yeah throw in one of those awesome beer can cozies too. You do such a great job with those! LOVE the new stuff, you need to get this stuff in your shop and you neeeeed to sell some of that yarn you make too!

Sweet Jessica. said...

Yes, I would like one of those Elijahs as well, The dread band is lovely, I love those colors, very earthy.

Bobbie said...

Beautiful things mama! Especially Elijah :)

So happy to hear from you again!!

intergalacticrose said...

gotta get me one of those dread bands one day!

"Sunshine" said...

OH LACY MAMA ELIJAH IS AN ANGEL! I swear I've never seen a more beautiful little boy in my whole life! Your creations are stunning. I love everything you make, I have ALWAYS wanted to spin my own wool/yarn. Where do you buy your merino wool? Do you dye it yourself? Girl we're gonna have to talk! hehe

All my love and peace to you and yours...
Love and Light,