Thursday, November 27, 2008

I'm a winner (& soap & thanksgiving)

Well I freakin won something. I never ever win stuff but I did and it's awesome! I'm a Twilight saga freak and even before the movie came out I saw all these pics from the movie and being a crocheting and knitting madwoman I became obsessed with a pair of mittens. Bella's mittens. I mean I didn't pay much attention to the movie when she was wearing them- I just strained to see details lol. So I was excited to see that folks were trying to decifer the pattern :) and one lovely lady is selling patterns for her version. Cheap too! BUT she had a contest to give away 3 copies and somehow I won. Badass? Yes. Yes it is. Check them out and if you knit and like the mittens then snag yourself a pattern for a great price!
So today was thanksgiving and Brandon's parents drove down and took us to eat at the beach. Then we stopped by the public beach momentarily. It was warm and gorgeous out so I couldn't just drive away :) I really wanted to stay and lounge in the sun... But had to go to my aunt's house... And she had pie so all was well :) lol
And last but not least there is a photo above of my lovely soap sweaters. They are Christmas gifts. The one in the front is a random soap I had on hand but the others are special :) they were made by the lovely Libby and I swear I want to eat her soaps! Do yourself a favor and get yourself some! they are awesome!


Danielle said...

I have quite a few of Libby's soaps and I love them! Your soap sweaters are adorable!!!

Bobbie said...

I hope you can make those mittens! I need!

You are beautiful :)

Auroras_Garden said...

Yeah I think Libby's soap is the best stuff on the planet, I wont use nothing else!