Monday, November 24, 2008

i can't drive my blog very well. i tried to put pics on and type it all up and make it pretty but it ignores me. i looked crappy and wasn't doing what it was supposed to but oh well.

so the new dreadband and cozies are up on etsy =) the new pics that i took with my real camera are better than the yucky cell pics. i have too much hair for the dreadband so i could only get a pic of it as a cowl or neckwarm, but you get the idea. i'm really terrible at writing descriptions but i guess i do a semi-ok job.

i also took a few pics of of the fiber i have been playing with... the hemp and recycled sari silk that i'm spinning on drop spindle. it was impossible to get the colors right but you get the idea right? its going to be really pretty so far i only have a few yards because i have a ton of projects going on. knitting: fingerless mitts, soap sweaters, etc crochet: soap sweaters, a pretty sparkly white dread band for the winter holidays, etc. there are just too many to list! i hope to have the soaps all knitted and crocheted up in the next day or two and i'll get a pic of all those. they are pretty neat.

ok well i'm pretty exhausted and my child is runnin wild. i should go tame the wild beast =) more from me soon!

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Laura said...

That dreadband pic around your neck looks beautiful! What a piece of art...