Monday, December 1, 2008

sometimes i play with photoshop

i play with wool in photoshop too though lol
i'm honestly a photoshop idiot but i did learn a lot...and then i forgot it. so i'm trying to refresh my memory and then add some knowledge. i made a few things and would like your opinion on them. nothing extravagant or fancy but i think they look ok. as a little background info my shop is called blissful goods but it has blisskitty in the link so i figure soon i will have 2 etsy shops blisskitty (yarn and fibery stuff) and blissful goods (for everything else) but honestly i have no idea =)
these are ideas for ad type thingies that i'm kicking around in my head:

and here is a banner and a slightly different banner:

so do i at least get an A for effort???


Anne said...

I like the banners..:)

Anonymous said...

very, very excellent. wish I could photoshop.

intergalacticrose said...

where did chuck go???? the banners look great~*~