Friday, December 12, 2008

A crafty post

So I have been workin my but off. Custom orders and trades - check! Christmas presents - not so much. The first pic is for one trade and the 2nd pic is just a small fraction of another. I'm extemely behind due to the migraines brought on by the rain. So the cozies were crocheted and then hand wet felted/ fulled on the stove with a tremendous amount of elbow grease. After they dried I took them for an outing to the back yard for a shave to remove excess fuzzies (see trio pic).
The 4th picture is one of the mittens I'm knitting for Elijah. This picture also shows that I have been crafting and definately not cleaning. I've also neglected my bread baking! We're breadless! And speaking of neglect... Picture 5... *sigh* the lame amount of work I've done on the 2nd fingerless mitt. Bad Lacy, bad. Oh yes, and those unfinished Xmas presents from last year... Still unfinished. But I did finish and ship a custom order for 2 headbands so I'm not all bad right?
Right? Anyone???


intergalacticrose said...

Whoa...I like the time lapse Lacy picture!! So, we should trade...maybe I can tempt you with a cosmic muffin applique??

ladybug lover said...

Oh my! I thought you may have looked familiar in some way at the show and now I know:) I met you this past weekend at the Panic show; I referred to the Pharcyde Bud making me wiser, if you remember walking out Sat. I drink my Buds out of that autumn red colored coolie! Ha! Small world. It was super nice to meet you; do you do customs on that type of coolie? I get so many compliments on it.