Friday, December 26, 2008

Multimedia message

Elijah got some really great stuff for xmas. The top pics are the cutest freakin shoes ever that his daddy got for him. I just had to stick a pic of them up because they were just too adorable.
I started baking artisan bread (french boule- see pic 3) around 10 PM on Christmas Eve. 6 loaves plus cooling time later I was able to go to bed... At 4:30 AM xmas morning. They made nice gifts to go with the soaps. Since I sucked at completing presents this year I needed something so fancy smancy bread it was :) Actually it wasn't all that fancy because of the marvelous no-knead recipe you can find online at Mother Earth News Its pretty yummy too. Looks fancy but pretty low maintenance as bread goes!
We went to my parent's and then to my aunt's house for our festivities and when it was all over... My truck would not start. This is my life. Today after a bunch of fiddlin it is starting but we still don't know why it does what it does and nothing is really fixed. Sooo... It will probably act right for a few days/weeks/months and then BLAMO! it won't start when I am in a hurry or far away or its an emergency. This is one of those facts you just have to deal with. Quirks follow me and infect everything I touch. It becomes funny after awhile albeit annoying.
A few days ago... Saturday maybe, a few (near?) tragedies happened. We were visiting my parents and Elijah was in awe of "grandma's special light tree". So he decided to eat a Christmas light. They were plugged in. He stuck one in his mouth and bit through the glass and swallowed part of the light and filament! *Le sigh* He is a little monster! Well I got quite a bit of knitting done while we were on a pretty fruitless ER visit. I had about 15 mins or so left until I finished the Nalu mitts which was supposed to be a Christmas present and needed to be mailed out Monday. What happened you say? I realized I had made 2 right mitts! I have to take out 2/3 of my work. It was a very ugh day but Elijah is ok and after I rip out all my work and one day finish them, the mitts will be gorgeous and hopefully loved by their recipient! But once again... UGH.
Elijah also got a cool Bob Marley shirt as can be seen in the last pic. He runs around bottomless most days so he can get the hang of this potty thing. His 3rd bday will be January 2nd :) how exciting!!! I can't believe he is already that old!!!

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Bobbie said...

Thanks for sharing the recipe! Mother Earth News is incredible. It pretty much rocks :)