Sunday, December 7, 2008

Sparkles and tents and migraines

Well here is the sneak peek at the sparkly white dreadband I made. I have tried about 20 times to take closeups so you can see the sparkles to no avail. Take my word for it; it sparkles! It's pretty and wintery.
The bottom picture is Elijah of course. We were playing in his little sun tent... Inside because we really need an SPF 60 (or some # I can't remember) tent in the living room. The kid won't go in it outside, but inside its fun for a minute or 2. It has been up for a couple of days. We were gonna take a nap in it today- well he would be inside mostly and I would be mostly outside- but then that didn't happen. I did take a nap with him in my bed though.
You see I woke up with a migraine. Thought I was gonna puke. And it was xmas parade day. I camped out in the bathroom and ended passing out for about 45 mins. Elijah woke me up. We hung out on the couch and I felt a little better. Not pukey anymore but still a lot of pain. So we missed the parade. About an hour later I was able to walk upright again and eat. My headache is still not totally gone and I feel kinda gross all over but I will survive and I WILL NOT WAKE WITH A HEADACHE!
Tomorrow I'll be crocheting and felting with a bit of "damnit lacy, finish knitting the effin fingerless mitts already, will ya!!!?"


Danielle said...

Hope you are pain free today mama! I totally sympathize, I get migraines too! They SUCK a fat one!!!

420thoughts said...

I hope you do wake up migraine-free. If not, we gotta do something. I hate knowing you feel like that and I can't help. I'm also worried about how many you're having. Am always here if you need me, but I know you don't feel like talking when your head is pounding & you're nauseous! Glad to know I can check in on ya through your blog now though. I care about you a lot.

Bobbie said...

Hope you feel better!! Migraines suck so bad.

Sorry you aren't feeling well :(